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Mosque Breakers become Mosque Makers – II

“6th December 1992: Balbir Singh, Vice president Shiv Sena Youth Wing leads the demolition squad and becomes the first person to strike his pickaxe against the central Dome of Babri Masjid. Within minutes the whole structure is razed to ground. 25th June 1993: Balbir Singh takes rebirth as Mohammad Aamir when he embraces Islam (Al-hamdu Lillah) having lived lives and experienced psyches poles apart from each other Mohammad Aamir admonishes the Muslim ummah about their responsibilities and is trying his utmost to awaken them from the slumber they are in. Here is the part II of his story in continuation to part I which appeared in the June issue of CRESCENT.

Pride hath a fall

My embracing Islam can not be separated from this story of Mohammad Omar (former Yoginder Pal Singh) which is incomplete yet. On 9th March 1993, my father succumbed to cardiac arrest. He was worried about the demolition of the Babri Masjid and my participation in the demolition. He used to ask my mother: “Why hasn’t Lord given us birth in some Muslim family. Being Muslim we could have been among the oppressed and not the oppressors”. He had advised the family that Balbir shall not attend his funeral. His body shall either be buried or thrown in water and not burned according to the customs of oppressors. He had advised that his body shall not be taken to Hindus crematory. Family members acted as per his will. I came to know about his death eight days later. My heart was broken. After his death the demolition of Babri Masjid seemed to me some gruesome act. I started feeling sorry instead of proud about that. With my heart sunk, whenever I visited my home my mother would cry in memory of my father. She would blame me for hurting the noble soul and subsequent death of my angle like father. Finally I stopped visiting my home.

Encounter with Truth

In June 1993, Mohammad Omar (former Yoginder) returned from Jamaat and came to visit me in Panipat. He related to me his story in detail. Since two months I was feeling scared as if something was going to befall me. My father’s tragic death and demolition of Babri Masjid were breaking my heart. The story of Mohammad Omar worried me further. Br. Omar insisted that I should see Molvi Kalim Sidiqi who was arriving in Sonipat on 23rd June. I scheduled the trip but was a little late. Br. Omar had reached early and told Molvi Sahib about me. When I reached there Molvi Sahib received me with love and affection and said, “What ever has happened to Omar (former Yoginder) who sinned at your behest can well be repeated by Almighty Lord with you too. Even if He does not punish anyone in this world the punishment in the eternal life of Hereafter is beyond your imagination”. After being with him for an hour I decided that if I have to save myself from some supernatural disaster I have to embrace Islam. Molvi Sahib was leaving for a two days trip. I expressed my desire to be with him during the trip, which was gladly accepted. One day in Haryana, then Delhi followed by Khorja and back to Phulat after two days. After these two days I was ready to embrace Islam. I expressed my desire to Br. Omar and he gladly conveyed the same to Molvi Sahib. On 25th June 1993 after Zuhar prayer I came within the fold of Islam (alhamdulillah). Mohammad Aamir was the name given to me by Molvi Sahib and he suggested me to remain in Phulat to study Islam and learn prayers, etc.

Family Welcomes my Reversion

I expressed my obligations regarding my wife and little child to Molvi Sahib and a house was arranged for me and my family. We continued in Phulat for a few months and constant teaching helped my wife to learn and understand Islam. Thank God she embraced Islam after three months.
When I told my mother about my reversion to Islam she was very happy and said, “Your father’s soul will rest in peace by this”. She too embraced Islam the same year.

New Mission

Brother Omar and myself decided to rehabilitate the abandoned mosques and construct some new one to somehow counter the evil we had incurred by demolishing the Babri Masjid. For smooth functioning, while co-operating with each other, I took the responsibility of rehabilitating the deserted mosques and Brother Omar took the responsibility of constructing new mosques. We have set a target of rehabilitating one hundred deserted mosques and constructing one hundred new mosques. With the grace of Almighty I (the sinner) have been able to rehabilitate thirteen abandoned and forcibly occupied mosques in Haryana, Punjab, Delhi and Meeruth upto 6th December 2004. Brother Omar is ahead of me. He has constructed twenty mosques and laid the foundation of twenty first (See note at the end). We have further decided that at each anniversary of Babri Masjid demolition on 6th December the regular prayers must be started in one deserted mosque and foundation must be laid for one new mosque. Thank God we have maintained this so far but the target of one hundred is yet far off. This year hopefully the progress is better. We are working on eight mosques and hope to rehabilitate those within a few months. Brother Omar is ahead of me. In fact my work is a part of only his work, for he became the reason to lead me out of darkness.
Now-a-days I am running an English medium junior high school with Islamic Studies as a part of our curriculum. In addition to my mother, my elder brother has also embraced Islam now.

Finally the Message

My submission to my Muslim brethren is that they should recognize objective of their life and consider Islam as something they owe to humanity. Just being anti-Muslim shall not persuade you for revenge against any one. Based on personal experience I am sure that if all the participants in Babri Masjid demolition whether Shiv Saniks, Bajrang Dal, or any other Hindu know about what Islam is, what a Muslim means, what Quran teaches or what a mosque prepares one for every one of them can think of constructing a mosque. The question of demolition of mosque will not arise.
I am sure if leaders like Bal Thakrey Ji, Vinay Katyar, Oma Bharti or Ashok Singhal will come to know about the spirit of Islam and that Islam is their’s too, they will consider themselves fortunate to help reconstruction of Babri Masjid at their expenses.
Some people are notorious for their anti-Muslim attitude and activities but out of one billion Hindus their number will not be even one lac- perhaps one lac is too big a number. The remaining ninety nine crore and ninety nine lac Hindus are just like my father- philanthropists, loving the Islamic principles from the core of their heart. Wasn’t my father a Muslim by nature. I consider my self to be a great sinner being the demolisher of Babri Masjid but even worse are the Muslism whose carelessness and indifference caused my dear father to end in hell. Molvi Sahib speaks with sincerity when he says, “You became, the demolishers of Babri Masjid as you didn’t know Muslims and Islam. You have sinned unknowingly. But Muslims deliberately promote the cause of leading others to hell”. The very idea of my father dying as a rejecter of faith renders my nights sleepless and compels me to resort to sleep inducing drugs.
I wish Muslims feel my pain.
Note : Br. Mohammad Aamir has been kind enough to visit Kashmir along with Allama Kaleem Siddiqui in May 2009. His visit was earlier scheduled last year, but could not materialize. In an interview to Crescent Br. Aamir said that till date 38 new mosques have been constructed by Br. Omar. He and his team have rehabilitated 69 mosques in Haryana, Punjab, Delhi & Meerut. – Editor

 (Ex Shiv sena leader Balbeer singh (Mohammed amir) with Kaleem siddiqui)

کتاب ’’نسیم ہدایت کے جھونکے‘‘ ان نو مسلم بھائیوں بہنوں کے انٹرویوز کا مجموعہ ہے  جو خداوند عالم کی توفیق و عنایت اور داعیِ اسلام حضرت مولانا محمد کلیم صاحب صدیقی اور ان کے  رفقاء کی کوششوں سے نعمت اسلام اور ہدایت کے نور سے سرفراز ہوئے ان نو مسلم بھائیوں کے قبول اسلام کےانٹرویوزماہ نامہ ’’ارمغان‘‘ میں مسلسل شائع ہوتے رہے ہیں اور الحمد للہ یہ سلسلہ اب بھی جاری ہے۔

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